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We want to present you our resident and co-founder, the painter Michael Vladimirov Velkov, with this particular painting as its creation is intrinsically linked to his decision to take his desire to paint to a new level.

With a fulgurant inspiration Mihael Velkov channeled an important moment of his life in a powerful superposition of paradox of meaning in a touching piece of art. It is at the edge of mind-blowing moments that we realize the here and now, the who that we are, that we take our most courageous and surprising decisions.

While thinking about jumping, we see down the fall what we want to escape, nothing else than a reflexion of ourselves.

The artist has this touch, he lives his ordinary life, but wants to let a fingerprint of what he decrypted in his own psyche, and at the sight of this fingerprint one can connect to this journey that we all share and build together.
From the top of Vitosha mountain looking down to the town.


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